wildog puppy


Alika the wildog puppy that arrived here in July 2017 at only 1 week old was given a teddy bear to keep her company when left alone. She is now 5 months old and still so attached to this teddy just as a human baby to its dummy! She will carry it with her whether to eat, drink or sleep…no one but no one must touch her companion and the only way to take it away to get washed is for Nikki our clinic nurse and foster mother to Alika to sit with her and divert her attention but she must be quick!!!.

We in the meantime have been trying to get her accustomed to the male wild dog that we mentioned in one of our earlier articles sometime back …he is very interested but alas Alika is more interested in her teddy.

Since Alika has been in the enclosure with the male, Nikki needed to take the teddy away to be washed and to our amazement during the day she was spotted curled up all snug with the male…..and we know if we give her the teddy back she will ignore the male. So it is a bit of a heart sore decision to make… do we leave it and hope she will eventually grow out of it or remove it completely?