Meet Crash…


Crash is our resident one-winged Black Stork. He was admitted to our clinic with a broken wing in 2014, unfortunately the wing had to be amputated as the break was so bad. As Crash can no longer fly, he free roams around the centres grounds. Crash is a very intelligent bird, every day around 4pm he wanders up to our courtyard where the enclosure that he sleeps in is located, waits by the gate of the enclosure until one of our clinic staff comes along with his food and lets him in. He is definitely a bird that loves his routine! Crash can sometimes be seen hanging around infront of our clinic as he knows that he will get thrown a few mealworms, which are his favourite. During the day he can be spotted walking around at his leisure catching many insects and skinks. He is a joy to observe, whether its listening to the unique noise he makes when he sees a mealworm to watching him carry a stick from one side of the rehab, all the way to the other to improve his nest.

crash 3 min