It will never be the same

big boy

‘Big Boy’s’ life comes to an end
The atmosphere at the Centre is dull! Something is missing! Everyone from the gardener to the manager is feeling the ‘gap’’
No more will we hear that thunderous roar, never again will we look on that majestic king of the beasts . . .Big Boy who has stolen the hearts of so many around the world and photographed by thousands, who had brought looks of amazing expressions on school children’s faces who had never had the opportunity to see or hear a Lion!!
Never again to answer to that famous call “Big Boy “when Brian would surprise the guests by walking up and calling to him and he would in turn answer with his magnificent roar.

On 23 October a very mournful Tuesday after giving him a second chance we put Big Boy down.

Big Boy has been with us on 17-18 years who came to us as a cub. There has been an amazing bond between Brian and Big Boy and this is what made him so special, he was like a giant teddy bear, loved company, loved to nuzzle up to Brian through the wired gate.
His illness is still not diagnosed but the autopsy showed his heart was like jelly, his kidneys were swollen and his lungs flat and he became blind. Through this entire time he still hung on, slowly walking around although bumping into things, his determination to live brought tears to all who looked at him in this condition.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Ian Daniels a volunteer from the UK. He dedicated his time to Big Boy day and night even sleeping out in his enclosure until his final moment. Thank you to Ian for helping Brian in this time.