It always surprises me what one finds while out in the bush

Baboon Spider

While out on bush walk with a group of guests we stumbled upon this golden brown baboon spider. Indeed a very rare find on bush walk because these spiders are rarely found outside their burrows. It was a humongous female Golden Brown Baboon spider with a body length of approximately 75mm – indeed a large specimen.

Most people fear these beautiful spiders for their large size and large fangs, but handled correctly and with care they are quite timid- as can be seen by the photos.. After our viewing we gently returned her to the spot where she was found and we left her to go her way.

Truly a great encounter with one of the African bushes gems

Baboon Spider Facts

  • The Golden Brown Baboon spider ( Augacephalus junodi) is endemic to South Africa .Meaning it is the only place in the world one can find these spiders. Thus Golden Brown Baboon spiders( Augacephalus junodi) are listed as ‘protected’ species by the National Environmental Management :Biodiversity Act 2004
  • The name Baboon spider comes from not just only the hairs covering its body giving it the appearance of baboon fur but also from the underside(pads) of the spiders feet which resemble the texture and colour of the underside of a baboon’s foot.