A Spotted Release

release 1

With continued habitat issues our wildlife are often faced with the problem of where to go. This was all to true when we received a call from a local farmer asking us to come and remove a Leopard from his property. It was noted that he had some minor facial wounds and a broken left upper canine. A week later we sedated him to inspect the severity of his wounds. Fortunately for him they were not too severe and little intervention was needed.

On the 18th June 2012 was the day we would prepare for his release. Our students were all too happy to have a close look at this magnificent creature as we prepared him for his release.

Staff and students headed out to Brian’s old stomping ground in the Timbavati where he ran the famous Timbavati Trails 22 years ago. Brian regaled the students with tales of living in the bush without electricity and of how close the animals would pass to his hut.

Two of our students, Jamie Traynor and Faye Walker, were lucky enough to be asked to pull the rope that would remove the sliding door to release the leopard. As the cars were parked in position and windows firmly shut!!! They waited! . . . . . . In one swift movement the door was up and the Leopard shot out! He certainly did not hesitate to look back and took off across the river and into the veld! Farewell spotted feline!

Thank you to those land owners who call on us to rather rescue our fast dwindling wildlife

We salute you!!

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