Wahlberg Eagle


A Juvenile Wahlberg Eagle was found on the ground in Skukuza Camp Kruger National Park. It was dropped off at the Orpen Gate as it was the closest Kruger gate for Nikkita our head clinic nurse to collect it from.

On arrival it was examined and no injuries were found, it was just very weak and skinny which is probably why it could not fly.

When the bird was strong enough to be released, we placed a tracking harness on the back and a ring on the leg for identifying purposes. We took it to Orpen Gate Kruger Park where Cody Wetzel one of our staff released it just outside the park.

This was another wonderful moment to share the release of yet another bird as it flew to its freedom.

The bonus in having the tracking harness is seeing how far they travel and where too! This bird flew an amazing 1000km, over Timbavati Game Reserve to Missina where it then entered Zimbabwe flying onto Lusaka capital of Zambia and the latest report, it was found flying west of Uganda, so it is doing very well.