Rainfall Report January

river January weather forecastOn the 5th of March we were awoken by the drumming of the rain on the rooftop.

The previous day, we had checked the weather and it forecasted that we would receive roughly 25mm of rain the following day. Much to our surprise, we received 80mm of rain by 09:00 that Sunday morning, followed by continuous light rain throughout the day. The river that runs past one of our rooms was flowing, making it a pleasant sound to hear as it ran through the forest, past the dining room to the other side of the reserve. This made for a pleasant atmosphere around the camp.

The sudden bursts of rain that we have been experiencing over the past few months had us reading up on the weather changes in our area since last year, which showed significant changes in our rainfall patterns. It was been forecasted that we would receive more rainfall towards the end of summer. The following table is a comparison of the rainfall we received last year and this year between January and March according to South African Weather Services. So far, for March we have received 107mm with more rain to be expected.

Forecast Weather

  2016 2017 Actual Rainfall 2017
January January ForecastAverage rainfall between 50mm – 100mm January Fore castAverage rainfall between 100mm – 200mm 211mm
February FebruaryForecastrage rainfall between 50mm – 100mm February ForecastAverage rainfall between 200mm – 500mm 190mm