Porcupine Trapped

We received a call from Charles Rheeder our neighbor who provides us with fresh cow’s milk every day for our babies that two porcupines got caught in our friendly traps.

To him, they are problem animals as they were eating Charlie’s vegetables so instead of killing the porcupines he called us and that is when we put up a trap to catch the porcupines so we could relocate them. Cody went out to fetch them and when we examined the one closely we saw it had a wound on the neck and leg that needed to be cleaned out.

Jessica Tallaksen, Shannon McCarthy students from America and Jasmine Murray a student from England cleaned the wounds out and injected antibiotics. We also used a purple spray on the wounds to keep flies and other insects off the wounds. The porcupines stayed at the rehab until the wounds on the one were healed well enough to release. On the 14 June we were finally able to
release them on our reserve.

Alexandra Ponko a volunteer from America had the honors of opening the box with the porcupines in. At first they were hesitant to enter their new environment but finally they got the courage to run out to freedom.