Night Drive and Happenings

Cody and Eagle

Night drives are always a highlight for the volunteers. The moment for this is when leaving the main camp after dinner and taking a slow drive back to the volunteer house. They were very impressed with Cody’s guiding skills…a chameleon was spotted which is a very rare sight these days, a great sighting of a Spotted Eagle Owl and many other species not seen during the day was spotted.


The last few months have been a very busy month with injured animals being brought in. A one-week old GREY DUIKER was found by Farm workers on a Blyde Farm with a broken leg and no mother to be found. They took it to Provet our local vet in Hoedspruit who bandaged the leg and called us to fetch her. On arrival, Cody was so surprised to find this little duiker with a white coat of fur instead of the normal grey-brown. Nikita who is head of the clinic is caring for her starting on a feeding routine every three hours. She is doing well and gaining strength day by day. She has even been out for a couple of hours to stretch her legs and get some sun which is so vital for her healing.


We have had a beautiful WALBERG EAGLE we named Wally brought in with a broken leg. We sent him in for X-rays to ascertain exactly how it is broken and thereafter the vet bandaged the leg up and so the healing process began. After a couple of months, he has recovered well but his bones and muscles are still weak and this is where Cody stepped in to get him flying to the glove to gain his strength once again. Wally will not be released as his leg is weak and will break easily again as a result will not be able to fend for himself in the wilds. He will unfortunately have to stay with us as an ambassador for his species to bring awareness of power lines that kill so many of these beautiful birds.