Zebra Foal


A three day old zebra foal came to us from Blyde River Botanical Reserve. It was suspected that his mother died given birth so he joined the rest of the herd. Unfortunately for the foal, it was a male, fights for dominance between stallions can be savage, and the adult male started to kick and bite him, so they rescued the foal and brought him to us.

As he was very dehydrated we put him on a drip, we gave him two sets of antibiotics (Baytril and Sulfratrim). To treat the wounds on his body we sprayed them with a purple spray to keep flies and other insects away so it does not become infected. We fed him powder skimmed milk every 2 hrs., unfortunately for the next couple of days his health was up and down, very unpredictable. We did all we could but he passed away early hours of the morning.