White Stork


A White Stork was found on the side of the road near our centre. When Cody fetched the stork it was found to be very weak, as there were no injuries we suspected it had been poisoned. We gave it a lot of fluids to flush the poison out and keep it hydrated.

The stork is did very well and we have ringed it, so we can identify and monitor the stork once it is released.

This is one bird that we treated in time and the day came to release the White Stork. We drove all the way to Orpen Gate, Kruger Park and Taita Jones one of our staff members released it just outside Kruger Park.

The stork was in no hurry to fly away, it walked around on the ground until it felt it was time to fly. We like to think it was showing its appreciation to us for helping it, as it flew in a circles above us for some time before disappearing over the trees!