Baby Barn Owl Update

barn owl

Just the other day another baby barn owl was brought in to us here at the clinic. Mum had made her nest inside a workshop on a nearby farm and workers had already found one of the siblings deceased on the ground, so when this youngster fell from his nest they brought him straight to us. We took the same course of action as the previous barn owl that was admitted to the clinic not too long ago… we tubed him with a little fluid to help aid any dehydration and placed him somewhere warm; this helped to pick up his energy level and once he seemed more alert we offered him some food, which he took eagerly! Who knows when mom last managed to feed him!

He is currently doing very well and has developed a very feisty character, being wary of humans will aid him well when he is released. We are slowly introducing him to larger pieces of food until he learns the technique of holding onto his food and ripping off pieces for himself!

A quick update on the barn owl baby that came in a few weeks ago… he is still doing incredibly well and has now moved to a permanent outside enclosure as he has grown in all his adult feathers. He learnt how to fly very quickly and is now enjoying exploring his new home from top to bottom.