Hail Storm Victims


We experienced one of the worst hail storms here at the centre and surrounding areas with hail the size of golf balls. These are some victims as a result of the hail: Black Headed Oriole, Cattle Egret and a Black Sparrowhawk.

The Black Headed Oriole was found by the manager of Moholoholo Mountain View Colin Patrick. The only injury the Oriole has is a broken left wing, other than that it is healthy and doing well.

The Cattle Egret came to us from Antioch Farm in Hoedspruit. It had a broken right wing, right side of the chest was very swollen and a bent beak all of a result from the storm. Unfortunately due to severity of the injuries we had to euthanize the Egret.

The Black Sparrow hawk was found near the river on the bank by a guest who was staying at Moholoholo Ya Mati. The Sparrow hawk was wet with a broken left leg and a wound on the wing. Unfortunately it died during the night, we suspect it had internal injuries as it had quite a bit of blood in the mouth.

How many were still lying out there somewhere we will never know.