Towards of the end of June we received a call from some local residents on a nearby farm saying a large male caracal had killed and eaten a domestic cat and that they would like him to be removed from their farm. We quickly got all our equipment together and rushed off to see how we could help. When we arrived, the caracal was laying low in a bush so Brian Jones took this opportunity to dart him and once the drug had taken effect the caracal was quickly loaded into a transport box and brought back to the rehab.

After the sedation had worn off he was given some time to adjust to his new surroundings in peace. Later that day staff went to check on him and were surprised to witness how calm and relaxed he was. Due to his non-aggressive behaviour, rabies was an initial concern however his friendly demeanour and recognition that food comes in a bowl meant that he must have been hand raised.

Even though we believe he has been hand raised, he is a very skilful hunter. He was in great condition when he was found, meaning he was successful enough in the wild to sustain himself. Due to this we are currently looking for a suitable location that is far away from farms and people so that he can be released and not cause any further problems that may put himself in danger in the future.