Bateleur & Vulture

Vulture At The Vet

A Bateleur was found with a broken wing in the Mjejune Nature Reserve situated on the Crocodile River bordering the KNP near Malelane.  John Davis who works with Andre Botha at the Endangered Wildlife Trust kindly drove the eagle to us. The following day Brian took it to Provet our local vet in Hoedspruit to X-ray his broken wing, unfortunately due to the type of break it was too mangled and would be a long process to even try and heal and found it best to euthanize him.

Also from this same reserve we were brought two White Headed Vultures (Adult and Juvenile) that had been poisoned. It was secondary poisoning as one of the vultures vomited bones and feathers of a Guinea Fowl. So we suspect that the vultures ate the poisoned dead birds which ate poisoned seed. We are keeping the vultures until they are strong enough to be released.