African Hawk Eagle


Colin Patrick, Brian’s son in law was doing a tracking course at Nhoveni, on the other side of Hoedspruit bordering the Balule reserve which also borders Kruger National park. Colin found the hawk eagle lying on his back underneath a power line, which it had flown into. When the eagle arrived at the rehab we immediately gave it fluids as it was very weak and dehydrated,
Brian then after a time gave it food as you can see in the photos. The next day we took it to our local vet as we suspected it had a back injury as it could not stand or support its own body weight. The vet told us that there was no broken bones only a head injury which was swelling on the brain.

Unfortunately regardless of all our efforts he wasn’t getting any better and made the decision to put him down as he would not have a good quality of life. It is so sad to see a magnificent bird like this have to be put down due to power lines! How many are not found?