Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

A home for many of South Africa’s abandoned, injured and poisoned wildlife and a highly regarded contributor to wildlife education in our country.

Situated in the shadow of the majestic “Mariepskop” our unique Rehabilitation Centre is home to many animals and birds. Some of them are the rescued Lions from an Egyptian Circus; Queen the Crowned Eagle, Chui the Leopard, Jolly & Juba the Cheetah ambassadors and many more.
The Centre has a long standing and successful Serval Breeding Project which is a success story all of its own. Having bred and released over 160 back into areas where they have previously become extinct.We have received reports that some of the females have since mated with wild males in the area of release! Another first for Moholoholo, we are the only facility in South Africa to have successfully bred the endangered Crown Eagle.

Honey Badger Houdini - Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem - Natural World - BBC Two


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Wherever possible, rehabilitated birds and animals are returned to the wild and those who are not so fortunate due to the nature and extent of their problems are used for educational talks to the many people who visit us each year both from across South Africa and abroad. Interaction between our animals and visitors to Moholoholo is permitted under controlled conditions.

The management and staff of Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre are a group of dedicated conservationists committed to the preservation of our wildlife. Their intimate knowledge of the animals they so lovingly care for and protect is nothing less than impressive.

We invite you to come and share a unique experience with the animals of Africa.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Moholoholo contributes to the conservation of endangered species and the rehabilitation of injured and poisoned wildlife. Moholoholo also facilitates a number of successful breeding programmes.


Lion, Leopard, Serval, Lynx, Honey Badger, Eagles, Vultures, Wild Dogs and any baby animals that we may have at the time of your visit.

A visit to the Centre will stimulate awareness and an understanding of the plight faced by our wildlife today.


Two tours daily from Monday to Saturday:

1st tour starts at 09:30
2nd tour starts at 15:00
We are only open on Sundays during the Limpopo Province school holidays and over long weekends; on these occasions there will be only one tour at 15:00. (Approximate duration of the tour is 2 – 2½ hours)

Please note: Please make a booking if your group consists of more than eight people.

The prices below apply from 1 February 2015

6 yrs & under: No charge
7 yrs – 12 yrs: R 60.00 per child
13 yrs – adult: R 130.00 per person
Pensioners: R 100.00 per person


Since 1998 Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre has been accepting volunteer students. These students travel from all over the world for a unique African experience. Once here at the centre they are involved in all day-to-day activities and have become a pivotal part of the animal care and treatment at the centre.

At Moholoholo we are often faced with the difficult decision of what to do with an injured or poisoned animal which will not be able to be released back into the wild. As a result, we have a number of ‘permanent residents’ at the centre which are used as ambassadors for their species. They remain at the centre for members of the public to get an ‘up close and personal’ experience of these incredible creatures. This allows us the ability to demonstrate to the public the problems the wildlife are facing as well as give them some information about each animal at the centre.

A large part of the student’s duties is to care for these animals, and this involves everything from feeding, cleaning and providing stimulation for our more intelligent residents (such as the honey badgers). Whilst working here you will be involved in any call-outs, drop-offs or hand-raising of baby animals brought to the centre.

We are also actively involved in research on the movements and behaviour of leopards. To date we have captured and collared a number of leopards for this research and the results have been astounding. During your stay at Moholoholo you may be lucky enough to be involved in the capture or release of a leopard. Our research also extends to a number of vulture species and we monitor those who visit our vulture restaurant on a daily basis.

There is no typical day at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, anything can happen!

Working with wild animals can delay meals and rob you of your sleep, so be prepared for the unexpected. Everything adds to making your experience more memorable.



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