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I have always loved animals and care deeply about the environment and conservation so I’ve been looking forward to my four weeks of volunteering at Moholoholo all year. Having no previous experience in this industry I wasn’t sure what to expect, however my time at Moholoholo has been amazing so far. I’ve been surprised at the extensive variety of animals […]

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We would like to say a huge thank you to Kiah Wilson and the very generous Struggletown veterinary hospital and Taronga wildlife hospital for their amazing donations. Kiah returned to volunteer at Moholoholo this month after his first visit to the centre last year, this time bringing lots of goodies all the way from Australia which the veterinary practices kindly […]

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Sleep Out

pic 1

With summer coming along it’s the perfect time to sleep under the African sky and admire all the beautiful constellations. Our volunteers have recently had the opportunity to experience this at its best by sleeping out under the stars at our private reserve in the Greater Kruger. During their night out in the bush our international volunteers prepared and cooked […]

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Honey Badger: Update

honey badger (1)

The honey badger we received this week with the injured foot was taken to the vet where x-rays were taken, sadly confirming our suspicion. The bones around his toe joints were completely shattered. We believe he acquired this injury most likely through being caught in an old gin trap. Since his arrival at the Moholoholo clinic the honey badger has […]

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Honey Badger

honey badger 2

An elderly man from Potgietersrus recently contacted us about a honey badger. The badger had taken up residence under an abandoned car on his property. At first the man didn’t mind his new neighbour… but after the honey badger had managed to kill 50 of his fowls he couldn’t risk losing anymore. However, this isn’t just a simple relocation story… […]

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Rika and Julius

Honey Badgers

Our two young honey badgers, Rika and her mate Julius have now reached the age where they are sexually mature and although we monitor them regularly they cannot be observed 24 hours a day. This means that it is difficult to know when and if they have mated as they are most likely to this during the night and when […]

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Hyena Trap

Hyena Trap

For the second time this year, a school in a local village close to Moholoholo Rehab Centre was visited by two adult Spotted Hyenas. Although this is not a bizarre sighting for a village located so close to the Kruger National Park and other nature reserves, the threat of the hyenas harming the children is very real. The local people […]

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A young Elephant bull with a snare was spotted by a game viewer on Mohlabetsi River Reserve. The Elephant was darted, the snare removed and treated. The wound created by the cable snare had grown closed and the snare was located deep around the animals right front foot indicating that it had been like this for some years, because of […]

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Barn Owl

barn owl

Just the other day another baby barn owl was brought in to us here at the clinic. Mum had made her nest inside a workshop on a nearby farm and workers had already found one of the siblings deceased on the ground, so when this youngster fell from his nest they brought him straight to us. We took the same […]

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The three young bushbabies that came to us in March have been successfully released. Their journey started after 2 of them were sadly attacked by cats and the other unfortunately fell from his nest. After a week or so we put them all together in a large cage and they instantly loved each others company. During the day they would […]

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