The Summer of a Lifetime


Last summer, 19-year-old Samantha Caunce set off on a massive volunteering adventure, caring for injured and abandoned lions, cheetahs, rhinos and more in South Africa. She told us more about her incredible experience. What were you doing in South Africa? I took part in the Moholoholo rehabilitation centre and the Zingela predator project through African Conservation Experience (ACE), each for […]

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Our Baby Leopard

delilah leopard

Delilah Recently our baby leopard, Delilah, who arrived at Moholoholo Rehab Centre in September last year, had recently taken ill. Her condition deteriorated rapidly over a couple of days and with the assistance of our local vet initial steps were taken. Delilah was suffering from blood in her stool and her mood was very sombre, nothing like our normal happy, […]

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Three Lion Sisters Reunited

Sisters Reunited Some of you may be aware of the recent story, on our Facebook page, regarding a single lion cub, about 5 months old that was caught in a trap and relocated to Moholoholo Rehab with her siblings still in the bush facing certain death. We are pleased to inform everyone that the 2 cubs we were waiting for […]

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It will never be the same

big boy

‘Big Boy’s’ life comes to an end The atmosphere at the Centre is dull! Something is missing! Everyone from the gardener to the manager is feeling the ‘gap’’ No more will we hear that thunderous roar, never again will we look on that majestic king of the beasts . . .Big Boy who has stolen the hearts of so many […]

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Capture and Release of Malawi Leopards

leopard 1

Preparation Procedures for the Leopards Translocation from Hoedspruit to the Majete Wildlife Reserve The translocation of the first two leopards to Malawi was originally scheduled for Wednesday 29 September. Unfortunately, the issuing of the CITES export permits took longer than expected. This was not as a result of faulty paperwork but merely because it entailed the approval of several different […]

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Problem Animals

Checking of Teeth

Leopards come to Rehab Centre In last 2 ½ months we have seen 8 leopards come into the Rehab Centre. With the ever increasing ‘problem animal’ issues lately the first reaction is to shoot them. Through the tireless efforts of Brian Jones and the dedicated team of staff and volunteers the local community has embraced the notion of catch and […]

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Baby Cheetah Needs Assistance

A resident cheetah baby, 5 weeks old, is in desperate need of surgery due to a deformity in his oesophagus. This means he has great trouble keeping down his milk. if you feel led please donate money. Every little bit counts. WE NEED R15 000

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Snared Leopard Treated

snared leopard 4

This snared leopard was brought in May 2011. We treated him at the Rehab for minor injuries but we had to take him to the Vet for more complicated procedures: tooth removal and stitching up his tummy (his intestines were about to fall out). 4 months later he’s looking good and he seems to have healed perfectly. We’ve now moved […]

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Lion Cubs TB Test and General Check Up

baby cubs one

Our three new baby lionesses under went a health check up on the 21st August. With the ever present loss of our ambassador Cheetahs, Jolly and Juba, Brian decided that while the cubs were sedated that we should have them TB tested. The students got a close up look of the three cubs and were crucial as we needed three […]

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A Spotted Release

release 1

With continued habitat issues our wildlife are often faced with the problem of where to go. This was all to true when we received a call from a local farmer asking us to come and remove a Leopard from his property. It was noted that he had some minor facial wounds and a broken left upper canine. A week later […]

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