Rentia Matz is a Dear Friend

rentia and stompie

Rentia Matz is a dear friend of the rehab who is especially fond of our crazy honey badgers! Her love and passion for these incredible animals is to be admired and we cannot thank her enough for all she does for us and the animals! No words can show how truly grateful we are to be blessed with such a […]

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Two Fell Off Nest After Storms

Two fell off nest after storms

Over the course of the past two months we have had 5 cape vultures and 2 hooded vultures brought into the clinic. Unfortunately, the Cape vulture that was brought in to us after being confiscated from poachers. He was doing amazing in his outside enclosure for about 5 days, when out of the blue he began to show signs of […]

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Just as with December

Just as with December

December was a very busy months for avian patents and January is proving to be no different. We began with a steppe buzzard that was suspected to be hit by a car. He had a suspected neck injury as his head was rotated almost 180 degrees. He was kept hydrated and put on a course of anti-inflammatory. For the first […]

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Lizzard Buzzard


A young lizard buzzard was brought in after his nest had been destroyed. He was very skinny and his right wing was hanging much lower than the left. Luckily, there was no break in the wing or any open wounds. Hopefully with time and rest his wing will come right and fingers crossed he can be released once he is […]

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Thank You

thank you blog

We want to say a big thank you to Simone and Kurt Feissli for their very kind donation of cleaning supplies. And a huge thank you to Roy Ruland, our past volunteer for sending much needed cleaning supplies all the way from the USA! It is will help tremendously! Students and staff are so grateful for the addition of better […]

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A young Bateleur is the newest patient to Moholoholo clinic. He was suspected to be poisoned however it became apparent that upon arrival that he was weak and starved. It is unknown how the youngster came to end up on the ground, but sadly it meant that mum and dad would not feed him now that he wasn’t on the […]

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The Start of a New Meant Even More Admittances

spotted eagle owl

The start of a new week brought with it more admittances. An African hawk eagle with very similar paralysis as the steppe buzzard mentioned previously was brought in. He had movement in the wings and head but none in the legs. He was taken to the vet for x rays which showed us that he in fact had a broken […]

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Student Program

students 6

Since the year 1998 volunteers from all over the globe, countries big and small, people young and old, experience or no experience have crossed the world to come and work with animals here at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, situated below the beautiful Drakensberg mountain range in the Limpopo province of South Africa. It’s a lot of hard work to care […]

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Release Blog - 01

Early on Wednesday morning, we revealed to all our hard-working volunteers that we had a surprise outing planned for them. Everyone bundled onto the back of the vehicle, excitedly trying to guess where we may be going. The staff managed to keep everything a secret as we wound our way through a private nature reserve until we came across the […]

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The Three Badgers

stompie and nelson

In the wild honey badgers are most commonly solitary animals however you may occasionally find a few badgers together…this will most likely be mum and pup (as youngsters stay with mum for 1.5- 2 years) or it will be a bachelor group of males. If you have been following our stories, you will know about our honey badger duo Stompie […]

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